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Traditional cleaning methods are a small step in the right direction in the fight against bacteria. Yes these cleaners, including chlorine, will eliminate germs after a period of time, but are not as effective as our Hydrogen Peroxide micro fogging system that we use. Traditional cleaning only affects about 30% of an indoor space. Effective sanitizing, disinfection and decontamination techniques with household chemicals would require every square inch of surface be wiped. This would require a lot of time, money, and bring about major health concerns. 

Ozone is a broad base sanitizer. Ozone will disinfect 3000 times faster and is 50 times more powerful than chlorine bleach. It is a gas that will work on every surface and will penetrate soft surfaces (carpet, draperies, mattresses, furnishings). When the Ozone Cleanse treatment is complete and we finish the treament with our micro fogging disinfection, your interior will be 99.99% sanitized. You will find that the protection from germs, odors, mold, allergens, and disease will be like no other..

No matter if you are a homeowner , manager of a gym or daycare  or someone with an immunocompromised immune system from chemotherapy treatment our services will reduce the microbial load to a safe standard.

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